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......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ By far the best resource is the Smoldyn User Manual and Examples, which are incl
## Model
The basic model includes the following reactions:
The basic model simulates a 4x4x0.2 um box and includes the following reactions:
reaction rxn_1_1 Rab5GDP:GDI(fsoln) <-> Rab5GDP(fsoln) + GDI(fsoln) k_1 k_2
......@@ -57,5 +57,11 @@ Smoldyn uses parameters in micrometer and second units, which have to be recalcu
| k_rr_off | / | 1 s-1 |
### Model configuration files
* Default model with 5x5 grid: [200325_Rab5config.txt](200325_Rab5config.txt)
* 4x4 grid: [200325_Rab5config_4x4.txt](200325_Rab5config_4x4.txt)
* 3x3 grid: [200325_Rab5config_3x3.txt](200325_Rab5config_3x3.txt)
* 2x2 grid: [200325_Rab5config_2x2.txt](200325_Rab5config_2x2.txt)
* 1x1 grid (4x4 um membrane with rigid walls): [200325_Rab5config_1x1.txt](200325_Rab5config_4x4.txt)
* continous membrane (periodic walls): [200330_Rab5config.txt](200330_Rab5config.txt)
### Python script for parameter scans
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