Commit fec34279 authored by Uladzislava KHAURATOVICH's avatar Uladzislava KHAURATOVICH 💬
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parent f8c076b1
......@@ -409,4 +409,7 @@ scp -o ukhaurat@bea81:/nfs/scistore03/vicosgr
grep 'scaffold' head_Gk1_Gs1_f_m_filtered2.vcf.simple.filtered > head_Gk1_Gs1_f_m_filtered2.vcf.simple.filtered_scaffoldsplus
scp -o /Users/ukhaurat/Documents/full_assembly_analysis/heatmap_genome.R ukhaurat@bea81:/nfs/scistore03/vicosgrp/ukhaurat/full_assembly_analysis/
Submitted batch job 24697696
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