Commit c83b5313 authored by Bernhard PETERMEIER's avatar Bernhard PETERMEIER
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Inhale time calculation simplified + user manual V0.1

parent 220886bf
......@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ Encoder encoder(ENC_A,ENC_B);
void calculateVolumeParameters(){
int singleBreathTime =60000/breathsPerMinute - timeHold;
targetTimeInhale = singleBreathTime/(1.0/I2E_ratio);
targetTimeInhale = singleBreathTime*I2E_ratio;
targetTimeExhale = singleBreathTime -targetTimeInhale;
volumeTicks = (volumeTidal+420)/12; //linear model y=12*x-420
inhaleEndPosition = bagPosition - volumeTicks;
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