Commit 5a609ed4 authored by Alois SCHLOEGL's avatar Alois SCHLOEGL
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address some compiler warning in cfs.c - buffsize changed from WORD to size_t

parent 5af5a234
......@@ -471,7 +471,7 @@ static short RecoverTable(short handle,TpLong relSize,TpLong tPos,
TpUShort dSecs,TpLong fSize);
static short TransferTable(WORD sects, fDef rdHdl, fDef wrHdl);
static short GetMemTable(short handle);
static TpStr AllocateSpace(TpUShort sizeP, WORD steps);
static TpStr AllocateSpace(size_t *sizeP, WORD steps);
static void ExtractBytes(TpStr destP,WORD dataOffset,
TpStr srcP,WORD points,WORD spacing,WORD ptSz);
static short FileUpdate(short handle,TpFHead fileHP);
......@@ -3889,7 +3889,8 @@ CFSAPI(WORD) GetChanData(short handle, /* program file handle */
WORD retval;
WORD spacing,pointsPerBuffer,buffersNeeded,
long bufferSize,filePos,totalPoints,numElements,longSpace;
long filePos,totalPoints,numElements,longSpace;
size_t bufferSize;
TpStr dBufferP;
// THandle dummy;
TFileInfo _near *pfileInfo;
......@@ -3993,7 +3994,7 @@ CFSAPI(WORD) GetChanData(short handle, /* program file handle */
//#ifndef WIN32
/* get as much as poss */
if ((numElements*spacing) > MAXMEMALLOC)
bufferSize = (WORD)(MAXMEMALLOC - (MAXMEMALLOC % spacing));
bufferSize = (MAXMEMALLOC - (MAXMEMALLOC % spacing));
bufferSize = numElements * spacing;
......@@ -5240,9 +5241,9 @@ short GetMemTable(short handle)
TpStr AllocateSpace(TpUShort sizeP, WORD steps)
TpStr AllocateSpace(size_t *sizeP, WORD steps)
WORD buffSize;
size_t buffSize;
TpStr buffP;
buffSize = *sizeP; /* required buffer size */
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