Commit 2c477e37 authored by Alois SCHLOEGL's avatar Alois SCHLOEGL
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fix error 'No child data folder of that name exists'

parent d9ffe2a2
......@@ -122,6 +122,8 @@ static Function stCreateGlobals( sFo )
ChkboxUnderlyingVariablesSetAll( "root:uf:dlg:Debg" , FALSE ) // Start all options set to 'No printing' (= ShowIO, ShowEle, Expand, CFS...) . We cannot use DebugPrintDeselectAll() as this requires the panel to exist which is not true right now..
// 2021-11-17
NewDataFolder /O $kAxonTelegraphPanelDF
NewDataFolder /O root:uf:aco:AxTg
FP_TG_InitMyPanelVariables() // oder am Anfang ...(nServers) // construct all required telegraph globals for my Axon Telegraph Panel
// Dlg_AxonTgGain( kPN_INIT ) // 2021-11-10 Axon Telegraph Panel is created and will start monizoring the telegraphs. Is here created invisibly, but user can later display or delete it.
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