Commit af694863 authored by Harald RINGBAUER's avatar Harald RINGBAUER


parent 8cc6c6de
Created on 27.01.2015
The class for the pieces of blocks. Basically just the relevant attributes
@author: hringbauer
class BlPiece(object):
# Class for block pieces, container for relevant attributes
origin = () # Coordinates of the original individual
start = 0 # Starting coordinates
end = 0 # End coordinates
index=0 # Index of chromosome
screwed = False # Variable which indicate this block will not be followed anymore
def __init__(self, origin, start, end,index=0):
self.origin = origin
self.start = start
self.end = end
def update_length(self, start, end):
self.start = start
self.end = end
class Multi_Bl(BlPiece):
# Subclass of Block, simply carries blocks of multiple origins and total start and end value
def __init__(self, sub_blocks):
self.origin = () # No origin since only subblocks have that
self.start = min(i.start for i in sub_blocks)
self.end = max(i.end for i in sub_blocks)
self.sub_blocks = [] # IMPORTANT: Since lists are mutable, we have to reset them
for block in sub_blocks: # Subblocks can be Multi-Blocks!
if isinstance(block, Multi_Bl):
self.sub_blocks += block.sub_blocks
else: self.sub_blocks.append(block)
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