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Merge branch 'revert-dbcd29f0' into 'team'

Revert "Merge branch 'mchen-team-patch-27828' into 'team'"

See merge request !7
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......@@ -133,49 +133,3 @@ def vector2symmat_diag0(v):
n = int(((1 + 8 * v.shape[0]) ** 0.5 + 1) / 2)
return _vector2symmat_diag0(v, jnp.zeros((n, n), dtype=v.dtype))
def get_species_from_distribution(N, species_distribution, key=None):
""" Convert an array of probability distributions of M species into an
array with length N and matching distribution of the species.
N: total number of particles
species_dist: the desired distribution of species
key [Optional]: RNG key to draw random numbers to fill out the remainder
of the species array when N is not a even multiple of M
1-D Array species that has length N and specified distribution from
N = 10, species_dist = jnp.array([0.2,0.2,0.2,0.2,0.2])
returns: [0,0,1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4]
species = np.zeros(shape=(N,))
species_distribution = species_distribution / np.sum(species_distribution)
species_dist_N = np.array(species_distribution * N).astype(int)
def fill_in_number_body_fn(ind, sv):
s, v = sv
s =[ind].set(v)
return (s,v)
particle_index = 0
species_index = 0
for n_species_i in species_dist_N:
species, _ = fori_loop(particle_index, particle_index + n_species_i, fill_in_number_body_fn, (species, species_index))
species_index += 1
particle_index += n_species_i
p = species_distribution * N - species_dist_N
if key is None:
additions = np.zeros(N, dtype=np.int32).at[N-p.shape[0]:].set(np.argsort(p))
additions = np.zeros(N, dtype=np.int32).at[N-p.shape[0]:].set(random.choice(key, species_distribution.shape[0], (N-particle_index,), False, p=p))
return np.sort(np.where(np.arange(N)>=particle_index, additions, species))
get_species_from_distribution = jit(get_species_from_distribution, static_argnums=(0,))
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