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Merge branch 'rattlers' into 'team'

remove rattlers and bond data

See merge request !11
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import jax.numpy as jnp
def _remove_rattlers_oneshot(R, bonds, node_arrays, bond_arrays):
N, dimension = R.shape
#Z_alpha = get_Z_alpha(bonds, R.shape[0])
Z_alpha = jnp.bincount(bonds.reshape(bonds.size), length=R.shape[0])
rattler_yesno = jnp.where(Z_alpha > dimension, False, True)
if jnp.any(rattler_yesno):
nodes_to_keep = jnp.where(rattler_yesno == False)
node_map = jnp.full((N,), -1).at[nodes_to_keep].set(jnp.arange(nodes_to_keep[0].shape[0]))
rattlers, = jnp.where(rattler_yesno == True)
bonds_with_rattlers = vmap(jnp.any)(jnp.isin(bonds, rattlers)) #boolean vector of length N_bonds, True if bond contains a rattler node
bonds_to_keep = jnp.where(bonds_with_rattlers==False)
R_new = R[nodes_to_keep]
if node_arrays is None:
node_arrays_new = None
node_arrays_new = [a[nodes_to_keep] for a in node_arrays]
bonds_new = node_map[bonds[bonds_to_keep]]
if bond_arrays is None:
bond_arrays_new = None
bond_arrays_new = [a[bonds_to_keep] for a in bond_arrays]
return R_new, bonds_new, node_arrays_new, bond_arrays_new, True
return R, bonds, node_arrays, bond_arrays, False
def remove_rattlers(R, bonds, node_arrays = None, bond_arrays = None):
""" Remove rattlers from a network
Recursively removes all nodes (and connected bonds) which do not have at least
dimension+1 bonds. Both R and bonds are updated.
R: Array of length (N, dimension) of node positions
bonds: Array of length (Nbonds, 2) of bond indices
node_arrays: List of node-based arrays. If node i is identified as a
rattler and removed, element i of each array is also removed.
bond_arrays: List of bond-based arrays. If bond i is connected to a rattler
and removed, element i of each array is also removed.
Return: new versions of R, bonds, node_arrays, bond_arrays
Note: the contents of bonds is updated to reflect the new indices of nodes
in R. However, the contents of node_arrays and bond_arrays are not updated
other than removing the appropriate elements. If you need to map old indices
to new indices, this can be obtained by passing jnp.arange(N) to the
node_arrays list. e.g.
R_new, bonds, [index_map], _ = remove_rattlers(R, bonds, [jnp.arange(N)])
R[(index_map,)] == R_new # All True
_R = R
_bonds = bonds
_node_arrays = node_arrays
_bond_arrays = bond_arrays
keep_trying = True
ii = 0
while keep_trying:
ii += 1
print('removing rattlers, iteration {}'.format(ii))
_R, _bonds, _node_arrays, _bond_arrays, keep_trying = _remove_rattlers_oneshot(_R, _bonds, _node_arrays, _bond_arrays)
if R.shape[0] < 1:
keep_trying = False
return _R, _bonds, _node_arrays, _bond_arrays
def get_dNciso(Nc, N, dimension):
return Nc - dimension * (N - 1)
def calculate_bond_data(displacement_or_metric, R, dr_cutoff, species=None):
if species is not None:
metric = space.map_product(space.canonicalize_displacement_or_metric(displacement))
dr = metric(R,R)
dr_include = jnp.triu(jnp.where(dr<dr_cutoff, 1, 0)) - jnp.eye(R.shape[0],dtype=jnp.int32)
index_list=jnp.dstack(jnp.meshgrid(jnp.arange(N), jnp.arange(N), indexing='ij'))
i_s = jnp.where(dr_include==1, index_list[:,:,0], -1).flatten()
j_s = jnp.where(dr_include==1, index_list[:,:,1], -1).flatten()
ij_s = jnp.transpose(jnp.array([i_s,j_s]))
bonds = ij_s[(ij_s!=jnp.array([-1,-1]))[:,1]]
lengths = dr.flatten()[(ij_s!=jnp.array([-1,-1]))[:,1]]
return bonds, lengths
def analyze_connectivity(bonds):
unique, counts = jnp.unique(bonds, return_counts=True)
Npp = unique.shape[0]
Nc = bonds.shape[0]
Z = 2 * Nc / Npp
return Npp, Nc, Z, unique, counts
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