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......@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ ctest -V
#### Running the code (``Code/`` folder)
If needed, first set the correct library pathes in ````. The script can then be used as follow:
``./ -m [1] -d [2] -n [3] -k [4] -g [5] -s [6] -h [7] -e [8] -x [9] -b [10] -c -p -v --help``
``./ -m [1] -d [2] -n [3] -k [4] -g [5] -s [6] -h [7] -e [8] -x [9] -b [10] -c -p -v``
* ``[1]`` Model to use (Defaults to mdp). Available options are *mdp* (MDP model obtained by a weighted average of all the environments' transition probabilities and solved by Value iteration), *pbvi* (point-based value iteration optimized for the MEMDP structure), *pomcp* and *memcp* (Monte-carlo solver, respectively without and with optimization for the MEMDP structure).
* ``[2]`` Dataset to use (Defaults to fm). Available options are *fm* (foodmart) and *rd* (synthetic data).
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