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PIC: Probabilistic Image Colorization
# [PIC] Probabilistic Image Colorization
Tensorflow implementation for [Probabilistic Image Colorization]( - generating diverse and vibrant colorization using auto-regressive generative networks - on the CIFAR and ImageNet datasets.
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### Paper
We develop a probabilistic technique for colorizing grayscale natural images. In light of the intrinsic uncertainty of this task, the proposed probabilistic framework has numerous desirable properties. In particular, our model is able to produce multiple plausible and vivid colorizations for a given grayscale image and is one of the first colorization models to provide a proper stochastic sampling scheme.
Moreover, our training procedure is supported by a rigorous theoretical framework that does not require any ad hoc heuristics and allows for efficient modeling and learning of the joint pixel color distribution. We demonstrate strong quantitative and qualitative experimental results on the CIFAR-10 dataset and the challenging ILSVRC 2012 dataset.
"Probabilistic Image Colorization"
Amelie Royer, Alexander Kolesnikov, Christoph H. Lampert
arXiv 2017,
### Instructions
##### Dependencies
* Python 2.6+ or 3+
* Tensorflow 1.0
* Numpy
* h5py
* skimage
##### Train the model
**Train on ImageNet.**
python --nr_gpu 4 --batch_size 16 --test_batch_size 25 --init_batch_size 100 \
-lr 0.00016 -p 0.999 -ld 0.99999 -c 160 -l 4 --downsample 4 \
--color lab --dataset imagenet --gen_epochs 1 --data_dir [data_dir]
**Train on CIFAR.**
python --nr_gpu 4 --batch_size 16 --test_batch_size 16 --init_batch_size 100 \
-lr 0.001 -p 0.999 -ld 0.99995 -c 160 -l 4 --downsample 2 \
--color lab --dataset cifar --gen_epochs 1 --data_dir [data_dir]
##### Apply the model
**Download the pre-trained models.**
tar -xzvf cifar_model.tar.gz
tar -xzvf imagenet_model.tar.gz
**Evaluate the model on the dataset validation split.**
(e.g., ImageNet)
python --nr_gpu 4 --batch_size 16 --test_batch_size 25 --init_batch_size 100 \
-c 160 -l 4 --downsample 4 --color lab --dataset imagenet --data_dir [data_dir] \
--mode "eval" --weights [path_to_checkpoint]
**Apply the model on a given input.**
python --nr_gpu 1 --batch_size 16 --test_batch_size 25 --init_batch_size 100 \
-c 160 -l 4 --downsample 4 --color lab --dataset imagenet \
--mode "demo" --weights [path_to_checkpoint] --input [path to grayscale image]
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