Commit 0219ef1c authored by Christoph Sommer's avatar Christoph Sommer
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use axis tags to properly read zyx from ilastik export

parent 7a44c26e
import os
import h5py
import skan
import json
import numpy
import logging
import argparse
......@@ -50,7 +51,15 @@ def extract_pos_3d(skan_branches, scale=2):
def segment_prob_map(ilastik_fn, sigma, thresh):
with h5py.File(ilastik_fn, "r") as hf:
prob_map = hf["exported_data"][()][0, ..., 0] # time point 0
axis_tags = json.loads(hf["exported_data"].attrs["axistags"])["axes"]
zyx_idx = [[d["key"] for d in axis_tags].index(dd) for dd in "zyx"]
zyx_sel = [0,] * len(axis_tags)
for d in zyx_idx:
zyx_sel[d] = slice(None)
prob_map = hf["exported_data"][()][tuple(zyx_sel)]
if prob_map.dtype != numpy.uint8:
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