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WD: /nfs/scistore03/vicosgrp/bvicoso/FishFun/Carp2022/5-MicroSynteny
## Get files
We need the location of each gene on a genomic scaffold (inferred with blat), and the scaffold-chromosome correspondence (extracted from the genome fasta file itself):
ln -s ../1-Trios/1-Carp_GeneSubgenome/Ccarp_RNA_vs_genome.blat.sorted.besthit .
ln -s ../1-Trios/1-Carp_GeneSubgenome/Scaffold_chromosome.joinable .
Let's also get the list of homeologs:
ln -s ../1-Trios/3-OrthoTables/Barb_Carp_1to2_exhaust_correctChrom.txt .
## Merge into usable table
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