Commit d711d823 authored by Christoph Sommer's avatar Christoph Sommer

fix for missing Zres unit'

parent 998d2c23
......@@ -27,9 +27,9 @@ def get_space_time_resolution(img_path):
Y_res = i.Pixels.get_PhysicalSizeY()
Z_res = i.Pixels.get_PhysicalSizeZ()
X_res_unit = i.Pixels.get_PhysicalSizeXUnit()
Y_res_unit = i.Pixels.get_PhysicalSizeYUnit()
Z_res_unit = i.Pixels.get_PhysicalSizeZUnit()
X_res_unit = i.Pixels.get_PhysicalSizeXUnit() or "micron"
Y_res_unit = i.Pixels.get_PhysicalSizeYUnit() or "micron"
Z_res_unit = i.Pixels.get_PhysicalSizeZUnit() or "micron"
if None in [X_res, Y_res]:
X_res = Y_res = 1
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