Commit 8e1935ac authored by Christoph Sommer's avatar Christoph Sommer

separate prediction

parent 36116e5f
......@@ -7,14 +7,14 @@ import tifffile
import ipywidgets as widgets
from functools import partial
from IPython.display import display
from bif_care.utils import BFListReader
from bif_care.qt_file_dialog import gui_fname
from bif_care.qt_dir_dialog import gui_dirname
from bif_care.qt_files_dialog import gui_fnames
from bif_care.qt_filesave_dialog import gui_fsavename
from bif_care.gui import GuiParams, select_project, select_train_paramter
from bif_care.utils import get_pixel_dimensions, get_space_time_resolution, get_file_list
from bif_care.gui import GuiParams, select_project, select_train_paramter, select_file_to_predict
class GuiParamsN2V(GuiParams):
def initialize(self):
......@@ -34,11 +34,10 @@ class GuiParamsN2V(GuiParams):
self['n2v_neighborhood_radius'] = 5
self['augment'] = False
params = GuiParamsN2V()
select_project = partial(select_project, default_name='./bif_n2v.json', params=params)
select_train_paramter = partial(select_train_paramter, params=params)
......@@ -99,8 +98,16 @@ def select_input(params=params):
@out_convert.capture(clear_output=True, wait=True)
def btn_convert_clicked(btn):
text_convert_repy.value = "Checking..."
###TODO Check
datagen = BFListReader()
datagen.from_glob(params["in_dir"], params["glob"])
check_ok, msg = True, "OK"
except AssertionError as ae:
check_ok, msg = False, str(ae)
if not check_ok:
text_convert_repy.value = msg
......@@ -246,11 +253,13 @@ def train_predict(n_tiles=(1,4,4), params=params):
from n2v.utils.n2v_utils import manipulate_val_data
from n2v.internals.N2V_DataGenerator import N2V_DataGenerator
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
from bif_care.utils import BFListReader
np = numpy
datagen = BFListReader(params["in_dir"], params["glob"])
files = datagen.img_fns
# Init reader
datagen = BFListReader()
datagen.from_glob(params["in_dir"], params["glob"])
files = datagen.get_file_names()
print("Loading images ...")
imgs = datagen.load_imgs()
......@@ -334,3 +343,58 @@ def train_predict(n_tiles=(1,4,4), params=params):
'finterval': finterval,
'spacing' : spacing,
'unit' : unit})
def predict(files, n_tiles=(1,4,4), params=params):
from n2v.models import N2V
from bif_care.utils import BFListReader
files = [f.strip() for f in files.split(";")]
datagen = BFListReader()
axes = datagen.check_dims_equal()
axes = axes.replace("T", "").replace("C","")
assert axes == params["axes"], "The files to predict have different dimensionality: {} != {}".format(axes, params["axes"])
imgs = datagen.load_imgs()
print("Predicting ...")
for c in params["train_channels"]:
print(" -- Channel {}".format(c))
img_ch = [im[..., c:c+1] for im in imgs]
# a name used to identify the model
model_name = '{}_ch{}'.format(params['name'], c)
# We are now creating our network model.
model = N2V(config=None, name=model_name, basedir=params["in_dir"])
for f, im in zip(files, img_ch):
print(" -- {}".format(f))
pixel_reso = get_space_time_resolution(str(f))
res_img = []
for t in range(len(im)):
nt = n_tiles if "Z" in params["axes"] else n_tiles[1:]
pred = model.predict(im[t,..., 0], axes=params["axes"], n_tiles=nt)
if "Z" in params["axes"]:
pred = pred[:, None, ...]
pred = numpy.stack(res_img)
if "Z" not in params["axes"]:
pred = pred[:, None, None, ...]
reso = (1 / pixel_reso.X, 1 / pixel_reso.Y )
spacing = pixel_reso.Z
unit = pixel_reso.Xunit
finterval = pixel_reso.T
tifffile.imsave("{}_n2v_pred_ch{}.tiff".format(str(f)[:-4], c), pred, imagej=True, resolution=reso, metadata={'axes': 'TZCYX',
'finterval': finterval,
'spacing' : spacing,
'unit' : unit})
\ No newline at end of file
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