Commit 4a57586f authored by Christoph Sommer's avatar Christoph Sommer

use generator for images (memory safe)

parent d711d823
......@@ -400,13 +400,13 @@ def predict(files, n_tiles=(1,4,4), params=params):
assert axes == params["axes"], "The files to predict have different dimensionality: {} != {}".format(axes, params["axes"])
imgs = datagen.load_imgs()
imgs = datagen.load_imgs_generator()
print("Predicting ...")
for c in params["train_channels"]:
print(" -- Channel {}".format(c))
img_ch = [im[..., c:c+1] for im in imgs]
img_ch = (im[..., c:c+1] for im in imgs)
# a name used to identify the model
model_name = '{}_ch{}'.format(params['name'], c)
# We are now creating our network model.
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