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      update sponsorship information · ed5f8002
      KyungWoon Cho authored
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      Add kernel log howto for vhci(ude) · 6e003da7
      KyungWoon Cho authored
      vhci(ude) uses WPP SW tracing for kernel log instead of DbgPrintEx().
      It requires a tool like TraceView.exe. Brief instruction for kernel log
      of vhci(ude) is added to README.md.
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      new vhci driver based on kmdf UDE · 19ca91aa
      KyungWoon Cho authored
      The old WDM-based vhci could not fully support USB libraries and
      applications such as #111 because it did not implement many USB host
      contoller & hub functionalities. They were impossible to be properly
      developed with poor MS documents. However, MS has already implemented
      most things via USB device emulation(UDE).
      Now, usbip-win provides a vhci driver using UDE. It is experimental
      and more tests are required.
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      speed up vhci driver compilation · 4c99013a
      KyungWoon Cho authored
      vhci compilation was very slow due to inf2cat according to #121.
      In order to supress inf2cat to search unnecessary files, a customized
      driver catalog batch script is introduced through a build post event.
      Now, a usbip_vhci.cat file can be generated in a output folder.
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      Fix typos. · fedc7325
      謝致邦 (XIE Zhibang) authored
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      Update README.md for readability · 5bc7a8e3
      StoyanDimitrov authored
      This is merged from following commits
      Author: StoyanDimitrov <StoyanDimitrov@users.noreply.github.com>
      Date:   Sun Nov 24 20:55:00 2019 +0000
          Update README.md
          Rename "Local Machine" as "Local Computer"
      commit 4eff71281b05ccf331e5feea5b84046cbf346ad4
      Author: StoyanDimitrov <StoyanDimitrov@users.noreply.github.com>
      Date:   Sun Nov 24 20:52:22 2019 +0000
          Update README.md
          Point the  user  to *.cer file
      commit 5b4631e52cd25202676a8d3746b053606d04326f
      Author: StoyanDimitrov <StoyanDimitrov@users.noreply.github.com>
      Date:   Sun Nov 24 16:45:09 2019 +0000
          Update README.md
          Further improvements
      commit 49244901db32900f901acf868532195b8dd95329
      Author: StoyanDimitrov <StoyanDimitrov@users.noreply.github.com>
      Date:   Sat Nov 23 20:48:04 2019 +0000
          Update README.md
          Improve readability
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      Replace a fixed SDK version to support various build environments · a173c29e
      KyungWoon Cho authored
      Although a recommended build environment requires VS2019 and SDK/WDK
      1903(RTM: 10.0.18362), more various build configuration would be
      desirable. For more generic project files, SDK versions in userland
      project files are replaced with $(LatestTargetPlatformVersion).
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      Let vhci driver(usbip client) be working again · 82d3f73c
      KyungWoon Cho authored
      - Reconstructed userspace forwarding had not worked with vhci driver
      - Two reasons to cause that problem.
        - Bugs in forwarding routine(usbip_forward.c)
        - Old vhci had assumed that a sufficient read buffer is provided
      - Now, vhci can handle two adjacent read requests(usbip header + payload)
      - Beautify vhci driver codes
        - urb_req -> urbr
        - indentation
      - Adjust README to comply with markdown syntax
  17. 29 Aug, 2018 1 commit
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      Reconstruct userspace forwarding routine. · 2453ebc7
      KyungWoon Cho authored
      Stub driver had dropped a usbip packet sometimes, which may be caused by
      that userspace forward assumed usbip data payload can be received as
      a whole packet. But a payload data(especially transferred isochronously)
      was often received partially.
      This commit has too large code modification.
      - Introduce consumer/producer for forwarding buffer
        Previous code assumed two static big buffers.
      - Change component id for debug print filter. Old one(DPFLTR_SYSTEM_ID)
        emits too much kernel messages.
      - Add usbd helper routines for usbip kernel drivers
      - Bug fix for getting interface descriptor. Alternate setting value
        should be used.
      - etc
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      Rewrite README in top-level folder · 114230a5
      KyungWoon Cho authored
      Subfolder readme's are removed. They are obsolete and linux related
      stuff. Current README is very ugly.
      stub driver is working but vhci is not.
      Maybe userspace forwarding routine is not correctly matched with vhci.
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