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- x86/x64 platforms should be supported. However, we don't have an x86 setup for testing at the moment.
- For Windows 7 users, change usbip\_stub and usbip\_vhci projects' Target OS version to Windows 7.
- Right-click on the project > Properties > Driver Settings > Target OS version > Windows 7
- The recent tag version which supports is v0.1.0. All upper versions do not support Win7 or 8 because usbip-win started to use kernel libraries of Win10.
### Build Tools
- Visual Studio 2019 Community(v142)
......@@ -101,7 +102,8 @@ usbip.exe list -l
- Using usbip.exe install command
- Run PowerShell or CMD as an Administrator
- `PS> usbip.exe install`
- Upper command will install a ude driver, a wdm driver or both depending on the available files
- Upper command will install a ude driver or a wdm driver depending on the available files
- (ude version first)
- `PS> usbip.exe install -u` if ude driver only
- `PS> usbip.exe install -w` if wdm driver only
- Manual Installation for vhci(ude)
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