1. 05 Apr, 2015 7 commits
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      Bump Portfiles to 0.14.9 · d65f2328
      Christoph Schmidt-Hieber authored
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      Bump version to 0.14.9 · bb211852
      Christoph Schmidt-Hieber authored
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      Fix bug causing the last episode of gap-free files not to be read · d3f990ac
      Ken Healy authored
      The number of samples read from the last episode of a gap-free file by
      ABF2_ReadChannel() or ABF2_MultiplexRead() is determined by
      CFileDescriptor::m_uLastEpiSize. A comment in ABF2_GetSynchEntry()
      indicates that the last episode size should be set in the ABF file open
      function. This is done in ABF2_ReadOpen() (via ReadEDVarLenSynch() which
      in turn calls _SetChunkSize()), but libstfio implements its own open
      function which does not do this. As a result, the default value of zero is
      always returned, such that no samples are read from the last episode.
      The only exported function that can set CFileDescriptor::m_uLastEpiSize is
      ABF2_SetChunkSize(), so this commit adds a call to this function in
      stfio::importABF2File(), using the current episode size as the chunk size
      so that it sets the last episode size but does not change the number of
      samples per episode.
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    • Christoph Schmidt-Hieber's avatar
      Bump Portfiles to 0.14.8 · bec1a9a4
      Christoph Schmidt-Hieber authored
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      Bump Portfiles to 0.14.8 · 63279a77
      Christoph Schmidt-Hieber authored
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      Fix date and time for ABF2 files · 53457875
      Ken Healy authored
      Date and time values are correctly read from the file, but
      stfio::importABF2File() does not correctly translate these to the format
      expected by Recording::SetDateTime(). Time is stored in the file as
      milliseconds after midnight, but the code treats it as seconds. Also, the
      date is encoded with a four digit year and months from 1-12, whereas
      Recording::SetDateTime() expects the number of years after 1900 and months
      from 0-11.
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