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Update doc/sphinx/linux_install_guide/requirement.rst

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......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ For the impatient, here are all `Stimfit <http://www.stimfit.org>`_ build depend
This will get you, amongst others:
* [wxWidgets]_: C++ library that contains the user interface (version >= 2.8). Tested with 2.8.12 and 3.0.4)
* [wxWidgets]_: C++ graphical user interface toolkit (version >= 2.8). Tested with 2.8.12 and 3.0.4)
* [wxPython]_: GUI toolkit for the Python language.
* [boost]_: C++ library that is mainly used for its shared pointers.
* [Lapack]_: A linear algebra library.
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