Commit 8b07cc63 authored by Alois SCHLOEGL's avatar Alois SCHLOEGL

libbiosig 1.9.2 or later is now required, older version

   of libbiosig are not supported anymore.

   level2 interface has been used for quite some time
   in stimfit for windows, and when compiled with --biosiglite
   and also other applications and can be considered stable.

   level1 interface to libbiosig became obsolete, and is now
   removed in order to improve maintainability of the code.
parent ca008679
......@@ -136,10 +136,10 @@ if test "$with_pslope" = "yes" ; then
AC_ARG_WITH([biosig], AS_HELP_STRING([--with-biosig],[build with libbiosig support - better tested than --with-biosig2]),[])
AC_ARG_WITH([biosig], AS_HELP_STRING([--with-biosig],[build with libbiosig support]),[])
AM_CONDITIONAL(WITH_BIOSIG, test "$with_biosig" = "yes")
AC_ARG_WITH([biosig2], AS_HELP_STRING([--with-biosig2],[alternative to --with-biosig - eventually, this will provide better ABI compatibility when upgrading libbiosig; currently it's in a testing state; requires libbiosig2 v1.5.6 or higher]),[])
AC_ARG_WITH([biosig2], AS_HELP_STRING([--with-biosig2],[equivalent to --with-biosig]),[])
AM_CONDITIONAL(WITH_BIOSIG2, test "$with_biosig2" = "yes")
AC_ARG_WITH([biosiglite], AS_HELP_STRING([--with-biosiglite], [use builtin biosig library]), [])
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -98,11 +98,7 @@ stfio::findType(const std::string& ext) {
else if (ext=="*.tdms") return stfio::tdms;
else if (ext=="*.clp") return stfio::intan;
#if (defined(WITH_BIOSIG) || defined(WITH_BIOSIG2))
# if (BIOSIG_VERSION < 10800)
else if (ext=="*.dat;*.cfs;*.gdf;*.ibw") return stfio::biosig;
# else
else if (ext=="*.dat;*.cfs;*.gdf;*.ibw;*.wcp") return stfio::biosig;
# endif
else if (ext=="*.*") return stfio::biosig;
else return stfio::none;
......@@ -170,11 +170,7 @@ bool wxStfApp::OnInit(void)
#if (defined(WITH_BIOSIG) || defined(WITH_BIOSIG2))
m_biosigTemplate=new wxDocTemplate( docManager,
# if (BIOSIG_VERSION < 10800)
wxT("Biosig files"), wxT("*.dat;*.cfs;*.gdf;*.ibw"), wxT(""), wxT(""),
# else
wxT("Biosig files"), wxT("*.dat;*.cfs;*.gdf;*.ibw;*.wcp"), wxT(""), wxT(""),
# endif
wxT("Biosig Document"), wxT("Biosig View"), CLASSINFO(wxStfDoc),
CLASSINFO(wxStfView) );
......@@ -80,9 +80,7 @@ wxStfConvertDlg::wxStfConvertDlg(wxWindow* parent, int id, wxString title, wxPoi
myextensions.Add(wxT("ASCII [*.* ]"));
myextensions.Add(wxT("HDF5 [*.h5 ]"));
myextensions.Add(wxT("HEKA files [*.dat ]"));
#if (BIOSIG_VERSION >= 10404)
myextensions.Add(wxT("Igor files [*.ibw ]"));
wxComboBox* myComboBoxExt;
myComboBoxExt = new wxComboBox(this, wxCOMBOBOX_SRC, myextensions[0],
......@@ -241,11 +239,9 @@ void wxStfConvertDlg::OnComboBoxSrcExt(wxCommandEvent& event){
case 6:
srcFilterExt = stfio::heka;
#if (BIOSIG_VERSION >= 10404)
case 7:
srcFilterExt = stfio::igor;
srcFilterExt = stfio::none;
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