Add TDMS template

parent 8ba75290
......@@ -216,6 +216,10 @@ bool wxStfApp::OnInit(void)
wxT("Intan CLAMP file"), wxT("*.clp"), wxT(""), wxT("clp"),
wxT("Intan CLAMP Document"), wxT("Intan View"), CLASSINFO(wxStfDoc),
CLASSINFO(wxStfView) );
m_tdmsTemplate=new wxDocTemplate( docManager,
wxT("Mantis TDMS file"), wxT("*.tdms"), wxT(""), wxT("tdms"),
wxT("Mantis TDMS Document"), wxT("TDMS View"), CLASSINFO(wxStfDoc),
CLASSINFO(wxStfView) );
#if 0
m_sonTemplate=new wxDocTemplate( docManager,
wxT("CED Spike 2 (SON) file"), wxT("*.smr"), wxT(""), wxT(""),
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