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class OpenapiGenerator < Formula
desc "Generate clients, server & docs from an OpenAPI spec (v2, v3)"
homepage ""
url ""
sha256 "c71d272a92d1b76fdf3773d0509da560edd286b3b3e2c635682694ec4b800914"
url ""
sha256 "5e83619294e3cbe493392b9991964964dce73865aecea52763d5ffb4fe85d65f"
head do
url ""
......@@ -4,25 +4,5 @@ Core formulae for the Linuxbrew package manager.
## How do I install these formulae?
Just `brew install <formula>`. This is the default tap for Linuxbrew and is installed by default.
## Troubleshooting
First, please run `brew update` and `brew doctor`.
Second, read the [Troubleshooting Checklist](
**If you don't read these it will take us far longer to help you with your problem.**
## More Documentation, Contributing, Security, Community, Donations and Sponsors
## More Documentation, Troubleshooting, Contributing, Security, Community, Donations, License and Sponsors
See these sections in [Linuxbrew/brew's README](
## Who Are You?
Linuxbrew's lead maintainer is [Shaun Jackman](
Linuxbrew/homebrew-core's lead maintainer is [Michka Popoff](
Linuxbrew's other current maintainers are [Piotr Gaczkowski](, [Maxim Belkin](, [Jonathan Chang](, and [Alyssa Ross](
Former maintainers with significant contributions include [Bob W. Hogg](
## License
Code is under the [BSD 2-clause "Simplified" License](
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